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  1. links of my final year project videos
  2. Add an IR Remote controller to your PC
  3. final yr project on robotics
  4. Hexapod Robo
  5. ADC connection
  6. My RoboArm (Pics and Video Included)
  7. My Master's Thesis : Vision Based Leader Follower formation
  8. Autonomous & Teleoperated Robotic Rover Project
  9. check out a real robot
  10. A computer driven RC toy car
  11. Cheap Hexapod , ingenious legged robot using PVC pipes
  12. My Project
  13. water level controller
  14. final year robotic project
  16. help needed on thermal-control robot
  17. my first micromouse
  18. Astrobot
  19. Inter School Robotics Challenge'09
  20. Live- Robotic Arm on ISS
  21. Some of my Robotics and Vision Projects.
  22. Boat race
  23. SYMBRION - Modular Robotics project
  24. 6DOF Robot Made in India
  25. Junkbots:
  26. Basic Line Follower
  27. Vision Guided Industrial Robot
  28. 2-DOF Hexapod
  29. Robo Writer
  30. Printer
  31. My second lfr
  32. Human Controlled Robotic Hand Using Gesture Recognition (AVATAR AMP SUIT CONCEPT)
  33. Modular caterpillar robot at UC3M
  34. Object tracker using two sharp sensors
  35. I am developing a new site where you can publish your creations
  36. Very fast autonomous mini sumo robot
  37. New Website
  38. A Cube Retrieval Robot
  39. My war robot
  40. A PID Controlled Fast Line Following Robot
  41. Morphology based Locomotion Controller for Modular Robots
  42. Embodied Evolution on a Modular Robot
  43. Gait Generation Through a Feature Based Linear Oscillatory Function