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  1. New look of Robotics India
  2. Healthy Engineers...
  3. Why only students ?
  4. Requirement for Robotic Engineers
  5. Robot a 6 yr old can build ... using paper
  6. 5000 members mark!!!!
  7. ..atmega16 microcontroller (contd)
  8. Disturbing Robotics Video
  9. Plagiarism:your thoughts about it
  10. RC car trying to break.. 200 mph
  11. How to Upload Files.
  12. Code & design challenges
  13. Suggestions on buying form Sunrom..
  14. Anybody ever bought components from them
  15. warman project
  16. Respect and too much respect.
  17. Newbee at microcontrollers
  18. How'd I Proceed?
  19. Outdated Curriculum
  20. Gliders or RC planes???
  21. The Noob Forum
  22. Funny experiences in Robotics/Electronics ...
  23. millitary robots
  24. VLSI Design course
  25. Need Guidance
  26. tektronix oscilloscopes
  28. PIC/ATMEL/etc prices in your city ???
  29. Flagged Users
  30. some more points along with multiple post Announcement
  31. My Heartiest thanks to everyone at Robotics India
  32. Chennai People out here Need INTRO
  33. where to start
  35. Happy Deepavali!!
  36. Building robot for first Time
  37. Is there partiality really there in TechFests?
  38. FERVOUR'09: Line Follower Competition in BVP, New Delhi
  39. Control Your robot with pc mouse
  41. happy holi
  42. timing belt and pulleys from xerox and scanner (REQ)
  43. Raising funds for competitions
  44. Robotics/Mechatronics as a career?
  45. How Many Robot you have / build ?
  46. Whats your age??
  47. Your Fav MCU
  48. License Voilation by Indian Vendors
  49. Robotics World Show 2009 @ Delhi,India
  50. 100 essential skills for GEEKS
  51. Robotics in India @ outlookindia - fact or fiction...
  52. Support Indian Inventor
  53. Free Workshops online ??? why not
  54. Magnetics shop in Ritchie Street, Chennai
  55. Need Caterpillar Tracks
  56. Why members dont fill their Location in profile.
  58. Toybots
  59. How to carry robots while travelling?
  60. Delhi robotics Club
  61. Awesome Image and Gesture reconition ...
  62. when are arduino/freeduino usb boards launching
  63. Opening up a new Robotics club at my institute
  64. 10000 users registered
  65. Robot Rover Free with EFY 5 year subscription
  66. 100 keyboard shortcuts(Os-Windows)
  67. Happy New Year 2010 !!
  68. 3 Idiots has a quadcopter - Go Watch
  69. Newbie Here
  70. Whats the best Internet caller?
  71. Robo Race track designs
  72. Has robosoft Delivered ??? Still no delivery ...
  73. Microchip EDF 2009
  74. A very Good Site.
  75. Let's see now who shares the knowledge for this question?
  76. What are you working on ...
  77. Desi CFL Production !!!
  78. Set top box
  79. Robokits copied product discription for omni wheel from nex robotics
  80. The Wild World of Robots
  81. Amazing DIY Robot kit from EFY ... ha ha
  82. Name your Price for these robo kits. !!!
  83. Debate on Robotic Webshops in India Overcharging
  84. Anybody experienced with PCB plotters/millers
  85. Not much activity on RI these days
  86. Cheap microcontroller these days ...
  87. Atmel starting its own Chip sales/distribution network
  88. Mehta brother is selling crap stuff!!!
  89. Competitions - why restricted to students only ?
  90. Over the top pricing for robot arms ... dont be fooled and Beware.
  91. Happy Diwali
  92. Spark Fun story
  93. Enclosures for projects
  94. Happy New Year 2011
  95. From a new PIC Convert (Microchip fan)
  96. Roboteers meetup
  97. check these sites out
  98. summer internship
  99. Survey on design of robotics workshop
  100. Advice needed
  101. Best Stream to choose for robotics ?
  102. Hi,
  103. Tools which you wish you knew earlier about
  104. Sad move by EFY - Now doing college projects
  105. fpga or arm
  106. servos
  107. Anybody here worked in ROS (Robot Operating System) and small custom robots
  108. Good Indian Suppliers ( Rant )
  109. BaseBot - Advanced Robotics Experimentation Platform
  110. Anyone up for some mango pi?
  111. Any old memebers out there??
  112. Robotic kits in online
  113. How do I design a robot arm to drag an object?
  114. What programming languages are used in robotics?
  115. What is the best way to start learning robotics?
  116. Why is it so hard to get into robotics?
  117. Will robots completely takeover medical surgeries?
  118. What is the difference between industrial robot and mobile robot?
  119. Which country has the most advanced robotics technology?
  120. What's the best way to start learning robotics?
  121. Which is the best country for robotics?
  122. What does robotic automation in IT industry mean?
  123. Can robots take over humans?
  124. What do you know about trading robots?
  125. What is meant by forex trading?
  126. What is the advantage of studying robotics?
  127. What is the role of Space Probes?
  128. What is the role and responsibility of medical robots?
  129. What are the advantages of industrial robots?
  130. What are the fields that are using the robotics technology?
  131. Which is the best online website to buy robotic kits in India?
  132. Which is the best Robotics Training Institute in Chennai?
  133. What are the benefits of studying robotics?
  134. What is meant by welding robots?
  135. What are the benefits of automation technology?
  136. What are the advantages of assembly robots?
  137. What are the benefits of using Cleaning Robots?
  138. What is the role of automation robot?
  139. What is meant by Plasma Arc Welding?
  140. What are the benefits of using robots in your business?
  141. What is the role of robots in the food and beverage industry?
  142. What is the best way to start learning robotics?
  143. What are the types of robots? What are its applications?
  144. What is the advantage of learning Robotics?
  145. What are the types of robotic sensors?
  146. How to design the robot? What are the essential parts required to design a robot?
  147. What is the first robot that granted citizenship in the world?
  148. Which is the best online store to buy Arduino compatible boards?
  149. What is the role of robots in the automation industry?
  150. I am interested in the robotics field. How to learn about robotics?
  151. What are the recent developments in robotic technology?
  152. What are the benefits of robots in the future?
  153. Why is industrial safety important?
  154. What is the role of robots in Military?
  155. What is the price of arduino compatible boards?