View Full Version : Broadcast For Team (Bombay) [Kurla - Vidyavihar - Ghatkopar]

08-25-2006, 06:01 PM
I'm a Computer Engineer, a 2003 graduate, residing in Vidyavihar (w), Bombay.

This broadcast is made so as to find a group of skilled people who can meet, start discussing and working on prototype bots.

People with the following backgrounds and with the obvious desire to create bots, please get in touch.

People with 'working' knowledge in any or all of the following engineering domains.
* Computers.
* Mechanical.
* Electrical.
* Electronics.
* BioTech.

Additionally people who are actively involved in the following are going to be a great help. Any sub-domain will do as long as you are actively pursuing it as part of your daily activities.
* Physics.
* Chemistry.
* Biology.

You can reach me at TG1e@yahoo.co.in or at 9820268849.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, got carried away by the tech specs, entrepreneurs are definitely needed.