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08-28-2006, 01:52 AM
Here are some of the flagship robotics challenges in Techfest this year:


Micromouse is back!
Micromouse has always been the centre of attraction in Techfest, with participants from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Singapore, Iran and as far as USA battling it out and setting newer records every time. The Micromouse maze in Techfest is considered to be the most coveted in Asia, with a cash prize of $750 along with glory to take away.

Registrations for Micromouse have started!
Visit www.techfest.org/ibots/micromouse for more details.

S.N.A.P. – Synchronized Navigation And Processing

Techfest has always been known for devising novel competitions that incorporate latest trends in technology and demand only the best efforts to emerge victorious. Image processing is the keyword of today in the field of robotics and it promises to be field in itself in near future. The competition SNAP tests the fundamentals of image processing together with skills of hardware building. Only the most precise and sophisticated machines can survive the challenge, with a cash prize of $750 along with glory to take away.

Registrations for S.N.A.P have started!
Visit www.techfest.org/ibots/snap for more details.


A sequel to the hugely popular competition of last year- Full Throttle, Afterburn demands the participants to build a remote controlled miniature monster truck, complete with a 3.2cc internal combustion engine, clutch, transmission system and suspension to complete a grueling off-road challenge and emerge fastest.
Building remote controlled cars, without the use of any readymade mechanism is a task only true engineers can complete. Full Throttle: Afterburn promises to be a challenge for ace builders as well as drivers, with a cool $1000 reward to take away, along with the glory to have beaten up the best in the business.

Registrations for FTAB have started!
Visit www.techfest.org/overdrive/afterburn for more details.


The challenge that incorporates the Techfest Nexus programme, Void undoubtedly has the potential to attract the most robotics enthusiasts in the country. The problem statement involves building a remote controlled machine that competes with the opponent on a huge arena to lift some table tennis balls and dump them somewhere else. A fine blend of your building skills, maneuvering skills and team strategy, it will take only the extra-ordinary to emerge winner.

Registrations for Void have started!
Visit www.techfest.org/ibots/void for more details.

Visit: http://www.roboticsindia.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=1778 for more details about the Techfest Nexus.

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