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09-13-2006, 12:52 PM
Vivekanand Education Societys' Institute of Technology, Mumbai (VESIT) is holding Praxis 2006, its annual techfest on 29th and 30th September 2006. In this Praxis the major attractions include the Robotics Events and the workshops.
Official Website: http://praxis.vesit.org/

Email to : robotics@praxismail.com
or use the Contact Us page (http://praxis.vesit.org/contactus.php)

Aeromodelling Workshop (http://praxis.vesit.org/events.php?eventid=7)
Today the hobby/sport of aviation aeromodelling has finally gained worldwide recognition and we Indians are not far behind. The increase in newcomers and their interest in the sport has allowed manufacturers of equipment and accessories to invest heavily in new plants and processes. The result is that the technological advancement of our hobby/sport has progressed in leaps and bounds. Participate in the Praxis Aeromodelling workshop and you will understand what we are talking about!

Indian Army Workshop (http://praxis.vesit.org/events.php?eventid=25)
Engineering finds tremendous applications in all walks of life and the Army is no exception. The workshop focuses on engineering concepts being applied to combat sciences and throws light on the absorption of engineers from various streams like Tele-communications and Instrumentations into core teams within the Indian Army. The army plans to educate budding engineers by having a hour long audio-visual presentation b engineers employed in the army and a stall in the college premises on both days of Praxis. The interactive nature of this workshop makes you ask yourself the question, DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU?

TRI roboTRIx (http://praxis.vesit.org/events.php?eventid=26)
TRI iTRIx (http://praxis.vesit.org/events.php?eventid=27)
These are workshops especially designed by TRI for newbies and robotics enthusiasts of all disciplines where you will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of robotics and will learn to apply them in real life.. Hands-on-sessions will expose you to the minutest and the starkest problems encountered while building a robot.

HexaBOT - Manual
Road Rash (http://praxis.vesit.org/events.php?eventid=16)
In this comprehensive test of skill and speed, out-think, out-smart and out-race your opponents in this quest where only the fastest survive. The most popular event enjoying a huge participation from over 50 colleges across Mumbai ROAD-RASH calls upon the fastest to race and win.

Sumo Wrestling (http://praxis.vesit.org/events.php?eventid=17)
This event tests the power and maneuverability of the robot which are essential for its survival. This one is for the ?man? rather than the ?machine? and tests the controller?s mastery over the controls while the robots go head to head to put the opponents out of the ring. The aim is to create a robot whose sole purpose is to push, throw, flip, drag or otherwise move the opponent out of the ring within the prescribed time.

The robot has to finish the given complex track in minimum possible time.

Balloon Burster
Explode the balloons.

The team has to bet how many degrees of slope it can climb and accordingly points will be given.

Slip Dip
The robot has to navigate over a suspended bridge in the minimum possible time.

Level 2 - PC Controlled (http://praxis.vesit.org/events.php?eventid=19)
Control your robot using your PC and complete a task.

Level 3 - Autonomous Robots (Robocon Style) (http://praxis.vesit.org/events.php?eventid=20)
Build a autonomous robot that will construct a bridge.


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