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09-18-2006, 06:05 AM
Hello all memebers ..

I am a newbie in robotics.. I have only dawdled in manual bots using 300,500 and 800 rpm motors developing racing type models .. and I dare say my 4-way control panl (smilar to a video game joystick) has provided me an edge over other teams across my state..My team has won over 5 tournaments including the recent Robosoccer (3rd position) in Techniche '06 held at Guwahati..

This time I need accuracy and strength as well..I was planning to use stepper motors in course..But what has me stumped till now is how fast will a stepper move..and what is the difference between Servos and normal DC motors and Stepers...
Also if someone could help with schematics of them motors .. it would be of much help.
I plan to be making a automated robot that performs functions similar to the ones done in the last robocon ... push block on a white grid arena ... I invite ideas and help coz i have never yet dealt in automated bots and dont know much about it yet ..Any help provided will be of much help

09-18-2006, 02:14 PM
congrats on your third prize at the fest...

coming to the topic..
i would not suggest the use of steppers for speed.. its speed-weight chara ion is not good, unless you go for high quality ones.. that will cost you a fortune.. and with that money you can buy atleast 5 good geared dc motors with feedback and better speed-weight chara. Steppers has been commonly used in micromouse competitions, but these days good encoder-decoders are available, and are fast replacing the use of them steppers.

you can browse the "topics" to see a lot of good articles on motors and their methods of appications...