View Full Version : vcr and electronic typewriter for parts

09-27-2006, 12:50 PM
hi frnds ,
we had purchased a vcr in germany yrs back . due to use one of its pinchroller wheel got worn. since the spare of that vcr r not available in india. it has been lying around. now we r shifting our home and i wish to dispose off that vcr. it has 2 brushless servos ( on in the head and one in the running mechanism and it has t other dc geared motors in eject mechanism and loading mechanism.other than that there is regulated power supply and tsop module in it. being imported product no one is willing to buy it as spares for it r not available so if any robot enthu want to buy it for these parts can contact me.

we also have an electronic typewriter from casio. from pre computer era its working and cosmetically as new. it has a laptop type keyboard(feather touch keys) and a 20x1 lcd display and a thermal priting mechanism with 2 stepper motor like that in a printer its fully functional with manual. now i have a laser printer and dont use it any more. any robo enthu wanting it can contact it as i mentioned i am shifting to pune. so now i dont know what to do.

i live in delhi so any one in delhi and around wanting these for parts can contact me. i think its better to get them used for robots than to dispose them in any other way.