View Full Version : type of transmitter/reciever

02-09-2007, 10:43 PM
hellow. im new at all of this transmitting . recieving . robotics ecc.. i just had 2 years electronics school .. so i have basic background of electronics .. anyway im designing a project.. it has 11 channels and audio and video... i need to transmit all of these lol ... now what i need to know is the type of module transmitter and reciever i need. the thing is . at the transmitting end . like when i put forward my stick .. i need the motor on the reciever to respond as speed. (not like a servo.. but like a normal speed stick or whatever) and also i need forard and reverse in all of these 11 channels....
btw it can be like 2 or more transmitters with diff frequencies
i had my eye on one of these transmitters .. are they good?

if anyone can help me or give me a link to buy the modules that i need.. well please do hehe...
thanks for your time

btw .. tell me if all transmitters and recievers do this .. or if i need some kind of encoder