View Full Version : New Avon* brand 12 Volts high quality Cycle Dynamo Set

05-18-2007, 12:10 AM
Get New Avon* brand 12 Volts Cycle Dynamo Set

Single Bulb Lighting Set , travel dynamo. Now no need to use battery For lightning your cycle

Ideal For Projects / Science Models

The standard model of the smooth running with a low resistance.

* Electrical power: 12V, 6W
* Easy Touch Release: Light touch button engages dynamo
* Pressure Adjustment Optimizes tyre contact pressure
* Positioning: The distance between the roller and the tyre can be easily adjusted
* Attachment: Prevents unintentional disconnection or maladjustment
* Cable connection: Quick and secure connection for single cable
* Front And Rear Lamp se is included
* Fittings are included

*Avon cycle an ISO 9002 Company