View Full Version : Learn to build Robots using C programming/P-Basic

07-28-2007, 10:46 AM
Features :-
* No prior experience in robotics or electronics or computer programming required.
* Amazing robotic kit for begineers, student , and people intrested in easy robot.
* Controll your robot with your own softwares build.

Liner :- Add senses to the ROBOT standard so that it can detect and move along a line, by using the IR Reflector Sensor & C programming.

Attacker:- This robot was furthur developed from ROBOT by adding switched that will detect obstacles via collision using C programming..

Ranger:-Adding the infrared sensor to the ROBOT standard robot enables it to detect obstacles at a distance without having to collide into or touch the object using C programming.

SmartMover:- Additional sensore and components to measure the movement distance more accurately using C programming.

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