08-11-2007, 07:27 PM
Hello friends , We, the members of THE ROBOTICS CLUB of SNIST, Hyderabad are conducting ROBOVEDA '07, an exclusive Robotics fest [FOR FIRST TIME IN INDIA] from the 29th to 31st of AUGUST '07. The name ROBOVEDA signifies "Knowledge in Robotics".
The fest is filled with many exciting events in the form of 8 technical entertainers (robotics events), PAPER PRESENTATIONS, Project expo, Workshops(beginners and advanced), Guest lectures and many more...Prizes worth Rs.3 lakhs to be won. We also have an OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP to be given to the Institute with maximum wins.
The events of all difficulty levels are there varying from a basic line follower to a war tanker..


Visit our website [b]http://www.roboveda.org , for further details and online registration (open till 20 AUG).

08-24-2007, 12:28 AM
Great events -Congrats!!

1. You have given less than 2 weeks for the problem statements.
2. The problem statements are incomplete....
OR are deliberatelyVAGUE.
3. If you cannot specify the Elimination criterion before the event then how do you expect the outsider teams to prepare for it??? This will mean that the Teams will be either disqualified or will fail to meet the Elimination requirements- AFTER they reach the arena!!!.
4. It will be better to announce the arena width etc., (PADMAVYUH ) along with the elimination criterion ( VISTAAR), if they are there, atleast 48 hours before the events.

I hope that this will be considered, in the best spirit of Competition and fair-play.

09-03-2007, 03:01 PM
Thanks Chaitanya. !!
Some great visions, but has turned into a dream-fantasy.
Congrats on the Event , content and the intent.
However, you should have been a little more diligent in your aspirations. The ROBOVEDA '07 would have been a great success if you had done so.

While appreciating your effort for some unique event, i must point out the reasons for its discrepancies.
1. The Events were managed by uncaring and rude co-ordinators. They should know what to talk and when and how much. Their comments the Competitors were uncalled for and highly derogatory, which has to be condenmed outright.
2, The only plus point was your Hospitality desk , Harish in specific, who waofeat help.
3. Ambiguities in your event Rules has played havoc with the participants' & participation.
4. The time delays in the event running was, maybe , unfortunate but also understandable. There should have been a better planning and execution of the events, as this was a National Event.
5, Your Certificates are completely INVALID. The signatures of the designated signees are missing and are incorrect. This is a gross injustice by the event organisers and the College authorities meted out to the Participants.
6. A National event of this magnitude should be better managed , with care and res[ponsibility, more so when all the events were Paid entries with due late-fee etc., You must be more responsible when public money is collected as you are accountable for the same.
7. It is unfortunate that reputed Sponsors of the event have been mute and dumb spectators to these things.
8. Rules are meant to be uniform to all participants, to be fair to all and a guideline for things to be standard accross the various participants, without malice or bias. They are meant to be followed , in their Technical entirety and not broken or bent as and when necessary.
9. There was great expectations of this event hosted by the State's No. 2 institution but has unfortunately failed in its endeavour. This may reflect on the integrity, no matter what the real situations.

The least you could have ensured, as Organisers of a National Event was the proper signatures of the bonafide people printed on the Certificates.
The Unsigned Certificates are just Raddhi and will have no value as such anywhere.
The Entry Fees of Rs.250/- plus Penalty Rs. 50/- collected by you, inspite of some good sponsors, does not justify the cost of the participants' travel, leave from college, man-hours and material cost that may have been spent by the participants.

Please treat this as constructive critisism and as a public advisory for your future events. This is not to discourage you but is meant as a critique for the betterment of robotics in India and the popularity of your next ROBOVEDA.

I must really appreciate your efforts and your intent, and will appreciate more if the Certificates, in the least, are made bonafide and authintic.

Regards and Best wishes.

09-03-2007, 05:56 PM
A fantasy to participate in a robo competition someday!


09-04-2007, 05:15 PM
This is really shocking!!!
There is something seriously wrong with the Hyderabad colleges
1. SNIST issuing unsigned INVALID certificates, and

You guys better start making up for all the blunders
SNISTians - try to re-issue atleast all the merit certificates to all the winners and ofcourse see to it that they are all valid now.
VNR VJIET - its come to my knowledge that you guys have not yet issued merit certificates for some of the winners in Convergence 2K7. Better do it now coz its better late than never.

09-05-2007, 01:53 PM
1. It is always better to wite to the College directly as well as the Sponsors. Roboveda was sponsored by EFY!!
2. A LOT of money has been spent. (..and collected from students too, as Entry Fees @ 350/- per head food + accomo. +250/- per event per team).
There was some heavy amounts spent on the numerous mega posters ( 2 were draped from 3floors to ground, Poly something prints) and banners.
With that kind of budget, it is inexcusable to see INVALID Certificates
The pic shows the convener's ( Prof. G.V.Rao ) signature blank. Someone else has signed For in place of A Pradeep Iyer.

Ofcourse, the major prizes all went to the hosts, Rules or no rules.
3. A lot of prize winning outsiders missed the Mementoes. There was a free-for-all by the volunteers for the Mementoes.

I was there and saw it all :!:

All this happens because NOONE knows what happens in these so-called National events/ Techfests. The Prizes are a closely guarded secret bvy the Organisers and the participants. Just cribbing at the canteen or the bus wont help future repeats.

Silence is acceptance, and is a greater sin than the crime.

This is bad :evil:

( One can add NITS to the list of No Certificates too! )