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09-08-2007, 02:55 PM
Hi Roboteers,
I am working on a Hexapod ( A Crab like robo ),
which has 3 degrees of freedom, It has a 3 Servo Motor control system.


The structure is completed recently, I am about to start on the software.
Here I would like to take some help from robotics enthusiasts to partner the
software development and make it a completley autonomous system.


Hobbyist's based in Bangalore who are interested in working with me on this Hobby Hexapod project ( Preferably having a interest in robotics/electronics and have a good background in programming ) can get in touch with me
at < sachin.surendran@ gmail.com >

More details of the Hexapod, and pics are below.


The areas of work pending are:

1. Multi servo motor control using Atmel processor:

The ATMEL procesor sits on the robo and recieves
remote instructions from a PC .
(STATUS: 60% complete, UART communication with PC
is to be completed )

2. Walking algo Implementation

Implement a walking algorithm to control 3 Servo motors
to give the Robo capablities to

> turn around itself(360 deg turn),
> Walk right
> Walk Left
> Climb Stairs/Steps

Implement a robo control engine on the PC and make it
communicate with the robo via UART.
(STATUS: Yet to Start )

3. Autonomous obstacle avoidance and sensing

Use the inputs from robo and avoid Obstacles.
This modules takes inputs from the sensors and based on that
gives inputs to Walking algo module.
( STATUS : Sensors are present, need to put in software integration)


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Wow! Talk about multiple postings...

You must either be very brave or quite stupid to do such a thing on public forum!

Mohit Mahajan.

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Are you retarded ? Cant you read simple instructions on not posting multiple times or first time using the internet ?.

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This multiple posting happen due browser fault and this also happen to me before. usually this happen with slow internet connections. What happen usually is after writing the post and on submitting, the confirmation page do not appear and person go back and again click submit button but not aware of fact that write up is already posted in earlier occasion . In this way we happen to post in multiple. if am i not wrong this what happen with sachin_surendran

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yes, He is right!

The browser and internet connection faults cause such problems. but you must check what you have posted and if u find that double posting, you can correct it!

Anyways, look at the bright side guys ... That is an AWESOME robot!!


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My apologies for the multiple posts,
Will take of that in the future...

Nd Thanks Neha for the good words...


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Nice bot..