View Full Version : Robotics @ SAKSHAMA 797- Biggest tech. event of Rajasthan

09-10-2007, 09:44 AM
Engineering College Bikaner presents its technical symposium Sakshama 797
Dates : 7-9 October 2007
Location : College Campus, Engineering College Bikaner

Fest Name : SAKSHAMA 797
Robotics Events Number: 3

Event Name : Task Master
Description : Construct a manually controlled machine which picks up blocks from the ground and places them on another ground level after crossing a raised platform.

Event Name : Waterloo
Event Description: 1. Design a remote controlled working model of a boat which will be required to cover a given distance.
2. The team may consist maximum of 4 members.

Event Name :Stick's Mania
EventN Description :The participants would be required to construct a bridge using only straws.

Total Prize Money (Robotics) : Prizes for robotics events worth 40000 INR

Contact Person : Aashish Maheswary,
Contact Emails : sakshama797@gmail.com
Contact Phone : +91-9214859281, +91-9352909744

Event website :http://sakshama.org/home/samartha.htm
Linkback page* www.sakshama.org