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10-24-2007, 06:02 PM
"Every one of us has a robot in us". And its time that we get it out and working. The events are designed to test the all round skills of the participants. Apart from having fun,students from different colleges across the country will find a common platform to exchange their ideas thereby opening new doors of thought.

It is a technical festival being organized by the students of IRC(IIIT Robotics Club) to arouse interest in Robotics across length and breadth of the country,attracting students from all the major engineering colleges.

A two day All India Robotics Competition on 15 and 16 December 07 and invites the students of all college to be part of this extravaganza. Prizes worth Rs 1 Lakh to be won!! Detailed description of events is available on the website


10-25-2007, 11:43 PM
Dear Sir,
IIT BOMBAY , INDIA will be organizing TECHNOLOGY FESTIVAL IN JANUARY 2008.PLEASE go through the mail and the attachment or else please tell me who will be interested in your institute in this.

I am a junior undergraduate of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay,
India. I wish to seek your help in conveying information about IIT Bombay’s Techfest in your university.
Techfest is IIT Bombay’s Annual International Science and Technology Festival, the biggest of its kind in Asia. Apart with providing platform for students to listen to some of the most eminent personalities around the world and showcasing some of the most awe-inspiring exhibition, Techfest is well known for its technical challenges and competitions.This year our major competions are as follows

Full Throttle:Grand Prix. It demands the participants to build a wireless remote controlled machine, powered ONLY by an IC Engine that can complete a Cemented/Concrete Track in least possible time . Building remote controlled cars, without the use of any readymade mechanism is a task only true engineers can complete. It promises to be a challenge for ace builders as well as drivers, with a cool $1250 reward to take away.

Micromouse: It demands the participants to build an autonomous self
contained machine designed to get to the centre of a maze in shortest
possible time. A Micromouse essentially comprises of a drive motor or
motors to move it; a steering and turning method; sensors to detect the
presence or absence of maze walls; sensors or control logic to oversee
the action of the rest and keep the vehicle 'on track' or to solve the
maze; batteries to provide power .It comes with a prize money of $1000.

Pixel:Build a computer controlled navigator that, with the help of an
overhead/on-board camera and a computer, moves 6 balls of three different specified colours into similar three distinct coloured holes.This one comes with a $1000 prize money too.

Blitzkrieg:An online coding competition which involves creating a code
that competes in a futuristic space game to conquer planets against
another code ($250 prize money).

Apart from these we also have a lot of competitions,workshops,lectures,exhibitions and a lot more.
Please forward this mail to all the students in your university who might
be interested in participating. Participating in Techfest is a cherishing
experience for our international participants as it is a whole different
culture experience along with some serious technical competition.
Techfest provides travel reimbursement to its international participants.
Kindly visit the website for more details:


Sorry to have bothered you,
Yours sincerely,
Agyeya Sharma
Cordinator,Xtreme Machines
Techfest 2008
(A junior undergraduate student of
Indian Institute of Technology , Bombay , India.)
Mobile :+919819902815
e-mail id: agyeya123@gmail.com