View Full Version : LPG Gus Sensor

10-30-2007, 01:49 PM
any one have any idea/circuit to use LPG Gus Sensor

10-30-2007, 05:19 PM
Yes i have a good experience.I have already done a 3 month long project involving gas senors for a chemical industry.whats your problem.?

10-30-2007, 07:06 PM
@tpsbl: You can try the Figaro TGS2611-C00 sensor. It is used for detecting methane and natural gases. It is available with RS India (http://www.rsindia.com) (RS Stock No: 538-9926). It should cost you around Rs.1200 each.

I have used the above to design a simple gas leak detector. (Please don't ask me for the schematic or anything alike, because unfortunately I dont have them anymore, but I can provide you with my experience, and tips).



10-31-2007, 12:57 PM
You can get Figaro sensors for less than 500.Figaro offers sensors that offers wide range of sensing.I have used sensors that were bought from china.But i didnt get that much satisfication in its output.The voltage variations were very small.

11-01-2007, 11:50 PM
Tpsbpl is looking for Ready, working, guaranteed Circuits for free.....

So that HE can sell it on Ebay.....