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01-22-2008, 01:46 PM
Hello all,

I have developed a LOW COST kit for AVR mega16/32 microcontrollers . Short description of kit features :
- mega16 with ZIF socket (can also support mega32)
- MAX232 fdor serial communication
- 2 - L293D with separate voltage regulator for each.
- Voltage dividers for ADC inputs

See this for more detailed information :

What you can do with kit :
- Use it for robotics
- Use for project development
- Can order simply "blank" PCB and use it directly in 'finished' project

Cost(with mega16) : Rs 950/- Only (shipping extra)
Cost(with mega32) : Rs 990/- Only (shipping extra)
Blank PCB : Rs 230/- Only (shipping extra)

- Only few kits are available as of now. More will be available after 17th feb.
- Cost CAN be reduced, by not ordering kit with either/all of following things
>No L293D ( -55 for each )
>No mega16 ( -90 )
>No ZIF socket ( -70)

- It is expected that user should be knowing 'something' in AVR or eager to know on its own.E-mail suport for kit is available, but requests for "How to use/program TIMER0/ADC/UART etc..." will not be replied, if they are of very fundamental types, as this information can be found easily on net
- I will be writing detailed tutorials for AVR microcontroller programming using C compiler in coming weeks. They will be published at my blog :

FOR more details or any enquiry send me private message.