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01-30-2008, 09:05 AM
Building a Stepper Motor Controller - Part 1
by Fred Eady

That figures as for the past six months, I’ve been working on an embedded project that is dependent upon the motion provided by the shaft of a stepper motor. So, it would be an understatement to say that I’ve been heads down in the design and implementation phases of deploying the embedded motor control application I’ve been sleeping with for the past six months.

Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to build up and test various stepper motor control circuits. I’m on the verge of building up yet another stepper motor controller that is based on the STMicroelectronics L6208, which is a single-IC DMOS driver for bipolar stepper motors. The L6208 can be had in a trio of packages: PowerDIP24, PowerSO36 and SO24. I’ve selected the PowerSO36 package and if you would like to see how this project comes out, keep reading, my friend.


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