View Full Version : Serious and repetative Problem with L298 - Help needed

02-08-2008, 11:27 PM

I am using 750mA bipolar stepper motor and L298 as a driver. As I complete ckt my robocar was working perfectly but after one week, there is a problem with one channel in L298. So I made a different ckt but after working for two hours same problem occurs second time.

I have tried it with dc motor than channel 1 is working perfectly but with channel 2

input3--------input 4---------> result
Ground-------12V-------------> Working
12V----------Ground---------> not working

Same problem occurs two times with different ckts, so i dont think L298 is blown out, but it must have something wrong with my ckt interfacing.

I have shown ckt connection for L298.

pin1 -> ground
pin2 -> output1
pin3 -> output2
pin4 -> 12V
pin5 -> input1
pin6 -> 5V
pin7 -> input2
pin8 -> groung
pin9 -> 5V
pin10 -> input3
pin11 -> 5V
pin12 -> input4
pin13 -> output3
pin14 -> putput4
pin15 -> ground

I am not using current sense resister. Is it ok?

Please guide me if there some problem which I am not getting.