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05-04-2008, 03:32 AM
Since my recent arduino search went in vain, I started looking for a proper dev board which is available in India. I found two:
AVR 40 pin dev board from robokits.in:

Atmel AVR ATMEGA32 Controller Board with In-Circuit Programmer from Sunrom

It looks to my novice eyes that the robokits board is much better than the Sunrom one. What is your opinion?
(Moreover, the Sunrom one is almost 5 times the price of the robokits one)

Any other reviews/opinions about these or other AVR dev boards available in India? And are they usable with the avr linux toolchain as well?

05-05-2008, 12:13 AM
I think u have not search for development board in this forum

See the link


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05-06-2008, 06:58 AM
hello ShantanuGoel,

As far as i see both the boards that you had mentioned are not very best in terms of features. But triindia boards that a700 mentioned specifically http://triindia.co.in/shop/product_info.php?cPath=25&products_id=78&osCsid=8b20165892f3bc381a96ec60ad25cbc1 is worth buying and best in features in all of these three board. it has level convertor, hbridge ,lcd connector and also the programmer. And these are all you need to do experiments with AVRs.

05-19-2008, 04:56 PM

Low Cost Development Board for AVR Mega16/32
version 4

Board Features :

supports : mega16/32 AVR uC. With easy to use ZIF socket.
Pins headers are provided for all ports of uC, so that any signal can be tapped and board’s functionality can be extended.
slot for crystal, so it can be changed. Default crystal 16MHz.
LCD connector on PORTB with contrast control pot. 8 LEDs are also connected on PORTB for debugging purpose.

On Board TSOP 1738 on PORTC.6, thus one can use remote control and get benefit of 30keys at the expense of single microcontroller pin.
MAX232 provided for serial interface with PC.
Two L293D motor driver ICs. Each one has 4 H bridges and capacity of 500mA per bridge. This can be used for driving 4 DC motors or 2 Stepper motor.
One of the two L293D IC, is connected to PWM out pins (OC1A,OC1B). This can be used for motor control using PWM.
Separate voltage regulator is provided for L293D. This helps you to provide any customary voltage to load.
6 Voltage dividers for 6 ADC inputs. Helps you to measure almost any voltage levels even in excess of 5V. Best for robotics infra-red sensors.
4 Tact switches(buttons) for user input.
One Speaker for audio generation. By default connected on PORTC.6, but jumper can be opened and then speaker can be connected to any other pin using external wire.
SPI bus connector with on board 3.3V supply generation. So that you can easily interface MMC/SD cards / flash memories or any other SPI device to uC.
Supports In System Programming (ISP) using cable provided. PonyProg2000 can be used for burning programs into uC.
NO SMD COMPONENTS. So that you can replace any component on the board with your desired ones.
Board Accessories:

In System Programming cable. Connects to printer port of PC.
Serial cable, to connect to SERIAL port of PC.
One 8 Pin, One 4 Pin, ready made connectors with wires attached.

- Evaluation version of CodeVisionAVR C compiler.(Supports upto 2KB of hex code).
- WinAVR Compiler
- Eclipse IDE with WinAVR plug-in
- PonyProg2000. For burning your hex files into controller.
- Few programs.
- Datasheets of relevant components
- Many ATMEL application notes.


- Best for project development.
- Best for autonomous robotics.
- For embedded system product development. In ready to ship projects, blank PCB can be ordered and only required components can be soldered.