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06-30-2008, 10:32 PM
Few days back i was programming Atmega8. After few turns, it stopped being deteced by PonyProg. Im using Serial ISP Programming Module from robokits india. I replaced it with my other Atmega8, aftersome time it also stopped responding. Then I replaced it with my 3rd and last Atmega8. It also stopped responding. I got 'frustrated' coz I couldnt figure out that where the problem was lying, in the PC side, the Serial Cable, the Programmer, or the AVR. Next day, I tried it with my only ATMEGA16, and it worked.... and is still working. I triewd to check out with the ATMEGA8. But again Pony Prog is not detecting it. Its easily detecting Mega16 though. In ATMEGA16, I had placed 2 LEDS at MOSI and MISO against ground. So they would blink when being detected/programmed. I did the same with Atmega8. But found that only the Led connected to MOSI was blinking but not that with MISO. Multimeter shows that at SCK, voltage drops for a fraction while being detected. I guess that the problem is lying only in the MISO part. I cant say for sure, but I doubt if I have burnt all the 3 Atmegas together. (the 3rd 1 was brand new ATMEGA8 and first 2 were ATMEGA8L). Can any one tell what to do? I used CVAVR, and did nothing with any kind of fuse setting as I was making very basic programs dealing with blinking of LEDS and using L293D to run 1 Motor.

07-02-2008, 09:29 PM
check it out for setting


07-11-2008, 12:53 PM
same thing is happening with me. Im using Atmega16, and ponyprog. But yesterday night it stopped being detected by the computer. LEDs at port C are glowing dimly, showing JTAG being enabled, which i guess cld mean that my MCU is fine. LED at MOSI is glowing well when I try to connect it to system. But LED at MISO does not glow at all. I remember well that i last programmed it well around 3 days back when I was trying to check if my circuits were correct. And it was programmed successfully. But suddenly, since yesterday, nite this problem is comming.

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