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07-11-2008, 08:55 PM
The Google Lunar Xprize ( xprize .org) is an International Robotic competition to land a lunar rover on the surface of earths moon and transmit video back to earth. Sponsored by the internet search giant googlethis competion is comprised of people with a love of space and space business . We are The New York City area team a prospective entrant of the Lunar xprize. We are currently seeking a firm or person capable of building a tracked mobile rover capable of withstanding the harsh Lunar environment and be able to transmit video back to earth. We also are seeking a firm or person with the capabilities to create small 'bots for our Corporate Sponsors. To offset the cost of this project we are sponsoring some of the payload through Corporate Sponsor packages. Some of our Sponsors are interested in projects like... The Titanium Chess board- Titanium chess pieces w/2 robotic arms. Lunar Telescope array - Our sponsor is interested in a mini X ray and Radio telescope to be deployed on the Lunar surface. Lasers and prizms . The sponsor for this project is seeking a project consisting of Lasers, mirrors,rods, prizms and beam splitters. The Corporate Flag Project - is a small project to Plant the corporate Sponsors Company Flags and Logos on the surface of the Moon. If you or your firm can build simple electromechanical devices capable of withstanding the lunar environment you should contact our team. We are aware of technology export controls ....to this end we are currently communicating with the commerical arm of the Isro (Antrix). We are outsourcing the Whole Project due to the US gov/Nasa matrix and the greed of our own bot builders( who have since been fired). There are so many rules and regs, designed to keep small firms out of the american aerospace business,that after some research we have decided that the best way is to launch this project into space ,is to Outsource it in it's entirety. We do have several sponsors interested in sponsoring projects for several million dollars each,but we need a firm or person with the capability to create simple' bots that would really captivate sponsors imaginations and Dovetail with the sponsors Corporate Identity, Specific Product or Brand. Interested persons or firms should contact our team for more info. please contact the payload coordinator with any questions at LunarRoboticExperiment@yahoo.com E. J. Ross Moonbase.inc/ Nyc Area Team Leader