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07-11-2008, 09:09 PM
The new york city Area Team is seeking robots for it Lunar Lander Project. If you or someone you know is capable of creating 'bots that could withstand the lunar environment then you should contact us at LunarRoboticExperiment@yahoo.com We have sponsors interested in Sponsoring components of this Project but, we have no 'bots as our "bot guy got greedy. Each 'bot would be sponsored for several million Dollars and built to Dovetail with the Sponsors Corporate Identity, prouduct or brand. We seeking to Launch our project from india using an Isro launch vehicle and are currently communicating with the commercial arm of the isro (Antrix) to aquire the needed Launch vehicle and permits. If you are creative enough and have the resouces to build these type of 'bot then you should contact us at lunarRoboticExperiment@yahoo.com

07-13-2008, 12:51 AM
Hi I saw booth the post you have put up ........well would like to claer up few things

1) from ur other posr you mentioned many of ur designers have been thrown out of the team .....well most ppl here on RI are armatures and novice i don't think they can do much and all thoso who are good enough by no means have any resource to make something good enough to land on moon......the reason is making something durable and sturdy enough to land on moon and light enough to be carried onboard a space craft requires a worldclass engineering expertise and is prohibitively expensive the best can be done by ISRO ppl or at IIT Bombay.......what say fellows?


07-13-2008, 09:05 AM

I think you are mixing two different things.
1. engineering expertise.
- i dont think you need to be in any IIT or ISRO or any great institute to have that.
- one can "develop" or "improve" engineering expertise, in my opinion, if one is in such institutes or places

2. access to recources.
- different than engineering expertise. there are many very well funded institutes with all capability to buy resources or already have them, but not enough good engineers/expertise.

About the Original Posting -

I think they want some people/ companies to make "pre-determined" experiments (optical etc.) and a robot as a payload for Xprize contest.

I wonder which ISRO launch vehicle they are planning to consider with Antrix. Chandrayaan -1 shall be launched in sept hopefully. But it already has 1 moon impator probe.
Maybe chandrayaan 2. But it shall have its own rover.

One Challange/fun in desigining for moon would be taking care of dirt (also called Moon-regolith), which will get into all gears and brushes unless well covered.



07-13-2008, 07:08 PM
Why not to form our own Indian team rather than working for some foreign team. We have four years in hand!! :D

Lets see, what others have to say !!

07-13-2008, 11:38 PM
1. Technical expertise need not lie with IITs or other world-class institutions. Vivek is right in that aspect.
In the present time, a majority of Research is done in the Universities. A lot of that has already percolated down to School level. The Industry is pumping loadsof money into these new " Fast-track" research avenues, and they are not naive!!!
The Industry looks at achievements, not qualifications.

2. RI does have a significant number of members capable of such design, including its implementation.
These members are either students or industrialists with excellent growth and entrepreneurship.
The presence or absence of Forum posts is not a measure of those capabilities.

3. Expertise is proportional to resources. They co-exist and complement each other.

4. Institutional research is fast being replaced by individual research.
This has proved to have fast turnaround time with small financial outlay.

As an example: ISRO has ALREADY launched a 'student project' into space. The HAMSAT is a milestone in India's belief and trust in the non-proffessional expertise:
(and - Most of our HAMs are not even Science graduates, forget being Engineers!)

In my opinion, a project of this kind is well within the sphere of individuals/Groups, irrespective of their institutional status.

The main constraint will be the Financial Resources. ( The contest Entry fee alone is $10K, for starters....)

07-14-2008, 10:13 AM
hey guys this lunar lander project fascinates me a lot.

are there any specifications for this lander?
would be glad to know them.

yeah an Indian team would be great !! :D

dude i gotta agree with what Docel and and Vivek have to say about engineering expertise.
after all no one is born a rocket scientist

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07-17-2008, 12:16 AM
To begin with the designers were not thrown out of the team, some just wanted a bigger slice of the Pie, greed is a powerful thing. Our team is not looking for complicated robots just electro mechanical devices that Dovetail with the clients product or Brand identity. We are looking for peolpe that are creative and could build simple devices such as an optical telescope or Titanium chessboard. Somewhere in india there are people that could design inexpensive "robots' that would interest clients in sponsoring our project. You don't really think that a mars rover really cost 171 million, do you? As for creating your own team we say ................do it. There are teams from Russia ,china, Peru,Japan, italy to name a few. The problem in america is that there are not enough little companies shooting at the big guys. " Small projects" are not taken seriously. There are many barriers that must be surmounted in a project such as this but, however it can be done. Hardware and technology have now progressed to the point where it is now possible to build robots capable of withstanding the harsh lunar environment. People routinely now use products that several years did not exist. space is far more than Gps or cellphone sats. Our goal is to use our collective business expertise and experience to land and deploy a robotic payload on the surface of the Moon. The Specs for the rover are simple. 12 in wide x 24 in long tracked vehicle capable of using solar power to recharge the power cell/ Capable of transmitting video on 2.4 ghz. Motors and drives,circuits and any needed hardware capable of withstanding charged particles. Thats it. If you or someone you know can build it we will pay them NYC area Team

07-26-2008, 10:51 AM
Hi everyone. Let me clear what I was saying. I may be wrong but what I have felt/observed is what I am saying.

First and foremost other than the premier institutes like IIT and IISc(educational institutes) the level of research or awareness related to such projects is low. The best Robot I had seen till date was The NATRAJA at IIT Bombay in terms of size and design I had seen the robotics lab at IIT Delhi also but most of the projects over there are not that advanced I have'nt visited other IITs so I can say about them.

From my practicle experience (in north India) the private colleges are pathetic so much so the final year students can't even use an oscilloscope or a multimeter (forget about soldering a PCB or even identifying the basic components ). Ya seriously one of my friend is from DCE control engineer and he did his post graduation from FMS(finance ) works in HSBC and has a package over 14L and doesn't know how does a stepper motor work. students can cram up books and clear exams with flying colors but doing thing practically is simply non existent. Down south(south India) the the situation is somewhat better. Students are more aware and work on projects and have some awareness. More over most of the teachers/lecturers in non IIT colleges are not up to the mark. Think about it only two type of people choose this profession one are those who are preparing for examination and whant to prepare themselves secondly those who didn't manage to get any other job( by job I mean software profession...:))

As far as IIt students are concerned yes they can get funds for their projects without much hassle. Secondly agree to it or dont the IIT gets the best among the best of the brains from India. What a I am saying is its possible to find brain-o outside IITs but if you are an IITan you ought to have brain better than 99% of indians else you wont survive in IIT.

I take my example I have practiced electronics as hobby for over 15yrs. I work as a software engineer. Why because on graduation not one electronics/electrical company was willing to give me a job.People look at my web page and appreciate my projects. But when I apply for jobs at Electronics/Electrical firms I never get a response ( I still apply fro such jobs). I have spent over 80-90K on my projects and my lab but all this money came from my pocket and there wasn't a single help from outside. My lab is equipped with tektronics oscilloscope goot, soldering station and much more stuff but I stand nowhere in comparison to my cousins (some are in states and some are in best B schools). despite the fact that they didn't do any of this stuff They will/are earning much more than I earn.

All I have found out is only if are if you are from a premier institute doing all this helps. For other I will suggest do something which will help you earn a living.....This is my personal experience........bitter or sweet what ever be it but its what I have felt.