View Full Version : mosfet driver made from discretes for N-mosfet H-bridge

11-26-2008, 07:33 AM
Hello everybody! My first message on the forum!

I'd like some help in the driver circuit for the high side of a N-channel mosfet H-bridge. For some region limitations, i do not have access to IC's drivers, and i think its more fun make circuits from discretes!

I am developing an full H-bridge using n-channel mosfets (IRFZ44 in both the high side and low side) and came to this constraint, how can i drive the voltage of the charge pump (~24V) to the mosfet gate, using the PWM signal.
First tried using BJT's, but could not find an adequate configuration to work in the saturation mode with the 24V i need to put in the mosfet gate. And i'm using a 12V source to feed the motor (almosto forgot to mention)

Well, hope i could get myself understood and thanks for the help anyone can give.