View Full Version : Help using xy digital joystick in all 8 directions

01-14-2009, 11:58 PM
This is my first time with joysticks, and am bit confused in using same joystick in X-Y as well as diagonal positions simultaneously.

What is wanted:

Ive to control two motors in both polarities using a single joystick. My joystick is an X-Y joystick. Its not analog, and it functions by mere contact at the pin. (There is no potentiometer inside).

Im expecting that when I move the joystick knob to the...

top, Motor 1 rotates clockwise
bottom, Motor 1 rotates anticlockwise
left, Motor 2 rotates clockwise
right, Motor 2 rotates anticlockwise
top-right, Motor 1 rotates clockwise, and Motor 2 rotates anticlockwise
top-left, Motor 1 rotates clockwise, and Motor 2 rotates clockwise
bottom-left, Motor 1 rotates anticlockwise, and Motor 2 rotates clockwise
bottom-right, Motor 1 rotates anticlockwise, and motor 2 rotates anticlockwise

Joystick pins are somewhat like this. On moving knob on top, 1 and 2 get short. on moving left, 3 and 5 get short, on moving top-left, 1 and 3 get short. Similarly the others

......|1|..... |2|


5=................... =6



I intend to connect the motors via a relay. So Im connecting the relay enable pin to the joystick pin. Im using two relays for 1 motor, one for each polarity. At any time, only one relay is active for the same motor..

If I simply connect the relays to the corosponding pins of the joystick, then I am able to run only 1 motor at a time, and not 2 motors simultaneously.

i.e., if I connect pins 1,4,8,5 to Vcc, and pin 2,,7,3 to corosponding relay, then only one relay is active at any time. Now even if I move the joystick to the top-left, then also, instead of Motor 1 moving clockwise, and Motor 2 clockwise, current flows from pin 1 to pin 3 making only motor 2 rotating, and not motor 1.

I tried using an AND gate between the diagonal pins (1 & 3) so that both motor rotate simultaneously at the top-left position of joystick, but now at any position of joystict both motors rotate simultaneously. (I cant explain its connections as Im not able to upload the image)


Is there any way to use all the directions of the joystick simultaneously?
Im sorry for the length of the message, but I had to explain what ive been upto till now.