View Full Version : ROBOTICS Challenge at ANNA UNIVERSITY

01-17-2009, 12:40 AM
KURUKSHETRA'09 the battle of brains is about to
start with a variety of events providing an opportunity
to show ur talent..it includes-

1. EXCEED- A national level robotics contest which has
prelims in Pune and Bangalore followed with the finals
during K!09

2.THE ROAD NOT TAKEN - Do u think u can build a robot
that can steer itself?check this event for details

3.ROBO SOCCER - fun filled soccer game where each team
builds 2 robots and traditional soccer games rules

4.LINE FOLLOWER- task is to build a robot that can reach
the centre of the maze using the shortest possible path

5.DESIGNER'S QUEST - This is ur platform to design a
swimmer robot that can find its way in a turbulent

There are more interesting events and exciting prizes to
be won!! For further details visit www.kurukshetra.org.in