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01-18-2005, 05:17 PM
okie guys, i been reading lotsa posts about motor and the magical shop at 629 lajpat rai. i have been to everest myself but theres always this problem. Help me with these pls :

1) firstly are servomotros really NOT available in India. At everest the guy showed me something like a homemade servomotor with a geabox. but dude didnt know the ratings etc and was charging me 175/-. It made me wonder if these motors were seervomotors but different from the ones needed for robotics. is that true ?

2) DC motors gears : okie suppose i want to use a dcmotor instead with an encoder. the majority motors that i come across are usually or tape recorders and stuff. a gear system is available as a whole or in parts but how do i determine if it is the right one or not. same for drives. the motors not being branded have no indication for torque or rpm. my idea is to rip toys but it doesnt always help.

3) Pricing : i know its hard to summarize but how much should a stepper or servo cost if its not branded. Also is there any place in delhi where its possible to get branded motors at reasonable prices.


01-18-2005, 10:50 PM
firstly are servomotros really NOT available in India.
They are ,but at very select locations like aeromodelling shops..
However ,they cost twice as much.Its better to bulk buy from abroad

DC motors gears :but how do i determine if it is the right one or not
Normally u quote the RPM..If the motors have a Gbox,then RPM is inversely proportional to torque...a nominal RPM would be 30 or 60 RPM

how much should a stepper or servo cost if its not branded
AIf u manage to salvage a stepper from a 5-1/4 floppy disk drive,then bargain it for 100 bucks.otherwise they should come for around Rs 200..
As for servos...ive no idea how much non branded ones cost...Futabas range from Rs 800 to 1200...nearly double the cost of their US counterparts


01-19-2005, 11:56 AM
the servomotors r rarely found... n u ll not have enough choice with them... so, it is not a gr8 idea to use them. coz, u may not find one to replace it when ur 1st motor dies... :cry:
so, it is best to use geared dc motor with an encoder... stepper motors don t have a good torque to weight ratio... (however, i still want to know more about this aspect of stepper motors...)
n the good news is... these motors can be found in delhi itself... but not in the so called everest...(629)...
it is sad that u missed the K2... :wink:
the shop is in meena baazar... u ll never expect them in such a place...
it is a huge collection of 2nd hand geared dc motors...
if u need more detailed description of that place, then u can talk to me before going there. my no is... 9213120821

01-20-2005, 02:37 AM
ah, so where is this K2 ?