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01-19-2005, 06:01 PM
Hi everybody!!

I read the post on 'Java for robotics' here...thought it was great...I am a complete novice in Java but am supposed to learn how to use JMF(Java Media Framework) and JADE(Java Agent Development Environment) for my internship this summer...Somebody please tell me how to start with Java, what to learn and what to leave so that finally I can try working on JMF and JADE and learn to transfer data to the serial and parallel port using Java...How much time can this take

01-19-2005, 10:35 PM
First thing get "Java Complete Refrence "

Thats the only book u need rest is on net ...

start out learning java ( do CRef in about 5 - 6 days ) .... then move on to building small apps . Well cant say much without knowing what u are aiming for ( state ur objective )

ALso JMF is easy andd so is JADE ... But first get along with core java these will come later easy .

01-19-2005, 11:23 PM
Thanks a lot Vikas...About the objective part- I have to work on a project in my internship in June-July 2005 which involves the use of JMF for robot vision (I don't know what would JADE be used for)...So I would have to work on JMF and JADE in advance
I'll get Java 2:The Complete Reference.
If its possible, please tell me what should I study and what should I leave in core java. And, what's CRef?
Thanks again...

01-20-2005, 09:52 AM
Well as you see youll have to go though nearly the whole CR you can leave out the topics which are given in the end Servlets , JDBC etc .

For a project like this ull need these things

- core java ( easy )
- basic swing / AWT ( easy )
- And JMF ( easy )
- JAI ( ok ok )

But making a fully functional system is not easy . BTW i also used JMF and java for my final year project . Cref is complete refrence :) .

Ive done quite some work with JMF ( Its pretty neat once u get a hang of it ) not like TWAIN .

01-20-2005, 10:20 PM
Thanks a lot Vikas

01-29-2005, 06:18 PM
Hi !!

Please tell me how should I start learning JMF and JADE...Should I try building some applets and applications before I start?


01-31-2005, 11:20 AM

Start with learning java .. JMF will come later ...

02-06-2005, 03:24 PM

Please help me out with this...I am studying CRef but am not sure whether I need to study applet buiding before moving on to JMF
And, do I need to study both Swing and AWT

07-06-2005, 11:08 AM
Even I am interested to know more about java and robotics. Thanks for all ur comments folks..