View Full Version : is ht12e 4 bit input data can be directly taken from 8051??

01-25-2009, 03:31 AM
frnds pls tell me ...is it possible that i can take direct 4 bit input data for ht12e(encoder) from 8051 ports........

if yes...do i nedd to coonect any extra drivers for cuurent boosting or simply direct coonection will work..

in the similar way...can i also conncet ht12d(decoder) decoded 4 bit output bit pattern directly to 8051 ic....

actually i m making a project of controlling a robot (4 wheeled .......2 motor...2 drived wheel)........wireless by computer..

pls guide me ..

if possible submit the circuits as well

pls help me ..its really urgent..

it will be really appreciable if u can kindly send any information to my email ..


pls help ..... pls post ...... ny information or links ....!!![/i]

01-29-2009, 04:29 PM
i some what understood your requirement u no need any external circuit b/w the processor and ht 12d/e
i think u r using this one for the RF RX/TX
only think u need is motor driver ckt b/w motor & processor
we r doing the same thing but not using ht12d/e
...cip8d/e it has 8 data line instead of 4
u can connect it directly processor & ht12d/e but note down active-low/high.....