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01-19-2005, 11:47 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm in desperate need of 60rpm DC geared motors available at:

Bombay Electronics
13-B Shamrao Vithal Marg,
Off Lamington Road, Mumbai - 400007
Ph: 388-5654 (Off), 836-6374 (Res)

But the problem is, I'm in kharagpur and won't be to mumbai in the near future.

Can anybody get the motors for me. I would need 4 such motors (60 rpm ones), to be sent to me by courier. I will pay all your expenses (in advance through DD) towards the product cost/shipping charges/travelling cost, send me cash memo/bills along with the shipment, as i have to get this reimbursed from my Institute)

Anyone willing to help please mail me at sumandeep1984@yahoo.co.in