View Full Version : Request for a tutorial for PIC 18f4550 using C

01-31-2009, 01:43 PM
Hi Guys,
Its been really long since I did something other than my regular routine. I've finally managed to get myself a Pic ICD2 USB programmer and some PIC's, majority of them are 18F4550. So now to get my hands dirty, I need some pointer from you guys on where to start off with the tutorials for coding in C.

I've been working in C for the past two years and so programming in C in the software terms is something which I can take directly. So if you can point me towards the link for the starting off with the programming and construction of circuits using PIC with C, it would be really great and should keep me really occupied :D

Thanks a ton in advance for the help that you guys are going to do for me.

PS: I'm from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and would love to meet you guys to have a chat and discuss on the same.