View Full Version : Help needed for "Automated Guided Vehicles" Basic

02-08-2009, 06:20 PM
hi guys,
iam new to this World of robotics, iam planning to build an line follower Robot as myfinal yr Project but its application is for different purpose.as iam Doing my Mechanical Engineering iam planning to use them as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) which are used in Factories/Industries to Autonomously Carry the Load from One point to Another.basically it has to move on a line (guide Tape) hence it acts as Line follower Robot.

Iam using the CD ROM Tray Mechanism to Lift the Load (as a fork Lift) mounted Vertically on the Bot.
my Problem is the bot has to Stop at one Point (Load picking Point) after following the Line to automatically lift the Load using fork lift & then it has to come to its start point to Unload it.
how is it Possible to make it perform all these operation.
Iam using 89c51 Microcontroller for this purpose with 5 IR sensors mounted at front.
Plz help us.