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02-15-2009, 08:06 PM
COGNIZANCE '09, The Annual Technical Festival of IIT ROORKEE is being organised from 20th to 22nd March 2009
Play Together for the Chequered Flag

The goal of the contest is development of two cooperative robots capable of performing specific tasks in safest, fastest and efficient way possible.
In industry, the use of robots is already common practice. New types of robots are required that are capable of being a part of our daily life and providing us with care and efficiency. At Robosapiens we are looking at some of the best designs that can solve the given problem and their mettle will be tested in the arena.
An Air Carrier Robot first in the air and a Ground Carrier Robot later on the ground shall cooperate to carry two parcels past the finish line with the aim of completing the journey before the other team. Various hurdles stand in the way, including two inclines and obstruction by the other teamís robot.

The competition arena can be divided into an Aerial arena and Ground arena.

Aerial Arena

Pipes: The pipes will be two in number for each team and will have a diameter of 16 mm.
Ascent: The height of the ascent is 60 cm over a horizontal distance of 80cm.
Horizontal Zone: This follows the ascent and lasts 47 cm. The joint between ascent and horizontal zone has been filleted.
Parcels: Each parcel is a wooden cylinder with diameter 3cm and height 6 cm.

Ground Arena

Start Zone: The start zone measures 25cm X 25cm. It is red for the red team and blue for the blue team.
Incline: Viewed from above, the slope climbs across a horizontal distance of 40cm from each side. The flat top has an elevation of 15 cm. The flat section at the top of the incline has an area of 20cm X 100 cm.
Landing Zone: This measures 15cm X 15cm, and is 15cm away from the stand which supports the pipes of the aerial arena.
Delivery Zone: This measures 8cm X 8cm and are two in number for each team.
Finish Zone: The chequered zone in the figure is the finish zone. It measures 30cm X 100cm, and is 5cm apart from the second incline.

The height of the side wall is 10 cm.