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02-16-2009, 01:35 AM
Now Your Cellphnoe will control your robot.

1000 Robots. 1 Cellphone. 1 Controller. 1 World.
Live Demonstration!!

Duration: 3 Days( 2 day workshop + 1 day hands-on-session and

Team Details : Maximum of 3 members in a team.

•Every Participant Will get a Mobikit
•Every Participant will Design his own Autonomous Mobile Robot with the Mobikit.
•Participants will take back the Mobikit for further research
•The portable Mobokit will have all the required material to design variety of Robots
•The participants will make the Robot ‘Artificially Intelligent’

Workshop Coverageshop Coverage

•Power Supply Design
•Motor Driver and Digital Sensor Interface
•Analog Comparator and Sensor Interface
•Sensor to Comparator to Motor Driver Interface
•Driving Robot Through C Programming and Parallel Port
•Speed control of robot though PWM and C Programming
•Beginning with Microcontroller
•Controller Interface with Digital Sensor and programming
•Controller Interface with Motor Driver and Programming
•Speed control of Robot through Controller Programming and PWM
•Serial Interfacing Of controller with Computer
•Controlling a Robot serially
•Speed Control of Robot Through Serial Port
•Controller Interface with Sensor, comparators, Motor Driver
•Mobile Phone and DTMF Decoder interface
•Decoder and Motor Driver Interface
•Mobile To Decoder to Controller Interface
•Putting It All Together for Complete Autonomous Robot

Certification & Hands-on-session included.


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