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01-21-2005, 02:49 AM
Greetings to All,
We are requesting your wish list for ongoing PIC programmer development, as of now it has a AVR ATMEGA128 MCU with bootloader support which talks to the PC side running a programming software in Delphi. AVR MCU will help upgrading the firmware inside. Firmware is being made in C by WinAVR as PN as IDE. We did consider using a PIC as firmware MCU but due to non-available of free C compiler for PIC we decided to use AVR as firmware MCU and WinAVR as compiler.

Eventually the PIC programmed will be released under GNU just as we released 89 Series programmer recently.

Our goal is to design PIC programmer that can never become obsolete as the preprogrammed firmware AVR always can be upgraded with the PC sofware when new chips are introduced.

As you are aware of various free PIC programmer available online most of them work with Parallel port with simple hardware but they have timing problems and not reliable.

Our goal is to design the programmer as close to the ProMate from Microchip that is a production level programmer.

Future plans are to port the programmers to USB with the use of FT232.

We are requesting you to post your wishlist.

Best Regards,

01-30-2005, 10:57 PM
having an ICSP for PIC chips which support it would be neat

04-13-2008, 07:16 PM
I had developed a USB programmer for PIC 18F series and AVR micros.It has an atmega 8 which downloads the hex file from PC and burns it to PIC.I had written own software in visual basic to send hex file to pic/Atmega in the required format.it used driver interface provided by Theyscon.If I could be of any help please reply back in this orum

04-16-2008, 08:54 PM
icd 2 clone is simpler to build and is compatible with MPLAB