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01-22-2005, 12:58 PM
it's time for thinking about nanao robotics too. Manipulation of objects having nanoscaledimensions come under the purview of nanorobotics.
to know more
and here this is a forum to discuss scope of nanorobotics in India, anybody has information about nanorobotics in India may participate in this forum and share their views

01-22-2005, 03:01 PM
well joy

it's time for thinking about nanao robotics too .

In india ??? 90 % have trouble building LFR's or simple WMR's and you want them to think abt it ( I dont think facilities for such work exist anywhere in india ) .

Also such things are not possible for a normal person ( the DIY robot which Ri aims to promote ) .

Anyhow the concept is good and if chived ( maybe in near future ) will have profound effects :) .

04-25-2005, 12:22 PM
no nanorobotics in India is a necessity, India Goverment has announced crores of rupees for nanoptechnology in India, Nano technology without nanorobotics is like gruesl with out salt. I saw an article in www.geocities.com/joyhjones about nanorobotics. It is good

04-25-2005, 08:23 PM
India Goverment has announced crores of rupees for nanoptechnology in India

That does not make a diffrence only 1/10 will reach the places it should ( rest will magically disappear). Anyhow its really rare for anything of such sort succeding in India . Here is how it might go we will start doing R&D now in about 20 yrs time US will come up with something and in abt 40 yrs indian work with little outputs will be termed infeasable and we will end up doing technology transfer . Itll be better if im proved wrong :).

Ive heard lots of stories DRDO developing something and when it finally is release its long time outdated for anything :) So ll the effor wasted and we end up buying the stuff from Israel / Russia / US .

Also one thing more ... If you were Real good in this niche field will you rather work in US fo about $ 10 k / mon ( 4.3 lk /mon ) or be at some institute in India working for Rs 20 - 30 K /mon . There are people who still stick but thats rare if they are brilliant :) .

10-09-2005, 06:00 PM
Nanorobotics in India is practcally not viable. But a lot of theoretical works can be done at this stage.
Using the piezoelectric devices, atomic force microscopes it is not impossible to built nano robot, but for manipulation purpose, clean rooms having very low temperature(about 4 kelvin and 10 millibar and less ) and low pressure is needed.
So development in vaccum technology also should apply simultaneously with microscopy(like AFM, FESEM, STM).
Using High speed procesors and picomotors we can try atleast.

05-14-2006, 01:13 PM
Our school took us to the CSIO ( Central Scientific Instruments Organisation) . Believe me, the money is going somewhere useful. They do have a nanotechnology lab there. They have researched and developed a TB detector using Nanotchnology. They have built a Cantilever structure on a TB antibody. If the TB antigen is present in the blood, it presses on the cantilever and releases the antibody. This will be perfected by next year and will be available in the market for just around Rs. 200. The size of the cantilever structure is just 1 micron. It was really amazing and they plan to make such Tests for Cancer and other diseases too too.
Nanorobots will take quite some time .Till now(Internationally ) with bucky balls as wheels and nanotubes as axles, nano cars have been made (just a Chassis) .Building a motor on the nano level is much much much more complicated.

Even the maximum length of a nano tube is toooo short to be of any use for everyday use. If the length can be increased, Super strong nano fibres can be used to make weather friendly, no wear and tear clothes.
If its length can be made to much longer lengths(in order of km.) it will be possible,feasible,practical economically and engineeringly to make the Space elevator. from a point in the pacific ocean to the geostationary orbit 36000km. above the earth. It will bring down costs of going to space to the tune of 1000$per gram. Pretty high but once the first one is built, the second one will be built in half the time and decrease costs further. The builiding of the first space elevator will cost about 5 Billion dollars.

In india, nanotechnology is primarily being researched to solve problems faced in medicine. Nanorobots do not have any immediate application.

I think its silly to blame India that we are slow in research and it is not feasible ( blah blah blah.) in our tour we did meet some of these scientists (being paid absurdly low compared to other countries) but that does not deter them. You can see on their faces that they love doing what they do. If people like Abdul Kalam can become our president, it alone inspires all rest indians that we do have a future in science,space,robotics etc. Im just a school student and i believe that if i get a chance do become a scientist or engineer in one of these lab.s i wont mind the salary.