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04-10-2009, 12:29 AM
Ok,so im in my 2nd year in Engg Computer Science........id really really like to get into robotics as a hobby......i have a very basic knowledge of analog and digital electronics(nothing beyond MOSFETS and Registers really)........my problem is that i do not know where to start off and what to start off with.......there is no robotics group in my college or anything of the likes to get me up and going....
Which books should i buy.........
and what projects would you recommend for someone like me...
And yeah most important of all...
what all will i need........and where exactly would i get them in lajpat rai market?
Also.....which language should i use....

04-10-2009, 08:50 AM
we have written a tutorial on very basic computer controlled robot,you can have a look on our websites tutorial section. www.technido.com

Circuit diagram, PCB layout, source code all is available on website itself.Since you are from computer science you would be interested in modifying the code. If you find any bugs please report.

Play around and enjoy :)

Siddharth :D

04-11-2009, 08:03 AM
Best robotics site for newbies


04-27-2009, 03:47 AM
Stop promoting your sites dudes...

04-27-2009, 06:24 AM
@ "just_landed"

"http://www.societyofrobots.com/" is NOT MY SITE. I think its best for newbie so I am referring it.

:arrow: Use ur head.


04-27-2009, 02:12 PM
I double up avinash_g that www.societyofrobots.com is the best website for newbies. I recommend that every beginner should go through it thoroughly.

Then they should visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in/video.php?courseId=1052 . This is your tax rupees at work :wink:.

After this you are ready for Robotics India Forums. Just a thought of mine.

04-27-2009, 10:56 PM
apologies to avinash. i meant the technido post. the societyofrobots is a really good site. i just went through it.