View Full Version : BOTIX - Robotics Workshop in Chennai

05-30-2009, 12:19 PM
Hi Everyone,

We at Simple Labs are organising a 2-day Robotics Workshop on the 20th & 21st June 2009. BOTIX is a 2 day hands-on workshop that focuses on introducing participants to the world of robotics. Split over 4 sessions participants are introduced to various concepts of robotics in each session and practically implement these concepts towards the end of each session. The sessions are designed to be concise to give participants more time for practical implementation. During the course of the workshop participants learn to build different types of robots including line following bots, obstacle avoiding bots & edge avoiding bots. This is a good start for anyone with no previous experience and looking to start in robotics. As the name suggest, we at Simple labs are striving to make it Simple ;)


I presume its ok to post here on workshops. If not so, kindly let me know.

Prakash [/url]