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Dates: 22-24nd January 2010 || Website|| http://www.techfest.org/
Techfest 2010 – the thirteenth edition of IIT Bombay’s Annual International Science and Technology Festival personifies this very ideal with its initiative for this year – the Techfest World Challenge. Conceptualized with the vision of providing a common platform to the budding Indian talent to match their wits with their international counterparts, the World Challenge boasts of 3 international legs happening at Australia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The World Challenge culminates into the Grand Finale of the First Ever Swarm Robotics Competition in India – A.N.T.Z. With this, Techfest is all set to be Asia’s Largest Technology Extravaganza!!

Organized by:- National Institute Of Technology, Calicut Dates:- October 22nd-25th, 2009

Website:- http://www.tathva.org



Organized by:- Intel India

Website:- http://inteliec.redbaron.in
Intel Innovation Grand Prize : Rs. 10, 00, 000/-


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Kshitij - 2010 The one emotion that bound over 11,000 students for four fateful days. Come 28th of January 2010, and IIT Kharagpur witnessed a sight it had never witnessed before - the arrival of over 5,000 students from all over the country to share and disseminate knowledge.
|| Website|| http://www.ktj.in/

Kshitij,joins hands with the American society of Mechanical Engineers,ASME

8 MileX
8 MileX calls upon roboteers to design, build and code a bot which can navigate the road autonomously following certain traffic rules...
One of the exciting new area of Robot Application is in Rescue missions.A significant amount of work has been done on this, and research is going on.

Thousands of landmines still dot the African landscape. Every year there are over a 100 landmine related deaths.
TribotX Championship
The Olympics: Perhaps the largest competetive event of the modern world. Athletes train day and night to bring honour for their countries.

Peer into the deep recesses of an ant colony and you'll discover an extremely well organized community with thousands of workers quietly going about their jobs.
On January 4, 2004 Spirit touched down on the surface of mars. The video images relayed back an inhospitable terrain dotted with large craters and massive chasms.