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09-25-2009, 03:00 PM
hi people!!
i'm in a real fix.. i need to design an automated waste sorter. specifications described below.
in short i need a way out to differentiate glass plastic ferrous and non ferrous materials.
i'm thinking upon using IR radiation technique which would involve a IR producer and sensor.
all these four materials absorb or reflect IR radiations in different amounts. and so throwing IR on each of them and then collecting it on the other side with a sensor, i can possibly differentiate among the for materials.
but this method seems quite complicated for an autonomous robot.
SO I"M DESPERATELY SEEKING your ingenious suggestions over this.
please help. if you can think of some other ways of sorting out the four materials, please please enlighten me!!

there are twelve (12), randomly‐distributed waste products, specifically:
1. Three (3) empty, irregularly‐shaped plastic bottles, measuring approximately 75
mm ( 20 mm) in maximum diameter and 220 mm ( 20 mm) tall.
2. Three (3) empty, irregularly‐shaped aluminum cans, measuring approximately 65
mm ( 20 mm) in maximum diameter and 120 mm ( 20 mm) tall.
3. Three (3) empty, irregularly‐shaped tin‐coated steel containers, measuring
approximately 75 mm ( 20 mm) in maximum diameter and 110 mm ( 20 mm)
4. Three (3) empty, irregularly‐shaped glass containers, measuring approximately
60 mm ( 20 mm) in maximum diameter and 95 mm ( 20 mm) tall.

we have to design, build, and test a system capable of rapidly and accurately sorting the
four waste materials noted above into distinct waste containers. The system must operate
autonomously and be capable of both material identification and waste handling. we have to do this ion minimum time.

Device Requirements:
The AWS must autonomously identify, handle, and sort the aforementioned
waste products.
The AWS must be powered by readily‐available, over‐the‐counter, dry‐cell,
rechargeable batteries.
The AWS must have a readily‐accessible and clearly‐labeled master shut‐off
To ensure ample space, the entirety of the AWS must fit within a container
measuring, on the inside, 340 x 580 x 400 mm. The AWS must fit within this box
fully assembled. Any expansion or extension of the AWS must be done
autonomously by the system itself during the competition run.
The five (5) waste containers
one for each of the four (4) groups of waste products and an additional (1)
container for unsorted/unclassified objects must be clearly labeled and
breaking of glass materials is forbidden.
also the robot shouldnt be bulky!!
Distortion of waste containers in the sorting process is allowed.

09-25-2009, 03:34 PM
The ASME SDC is a purely Mech. Engg. contest. There may not be a need for extensive electronics for the problem statement - it merely suggests a successful Mechanical design, with minimal electronics, if any.

The design calls for Weight , density & size measurements, and subsequent sorting, as is very clear from the problem statement.

IR sensors dont fit the bill at all.