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02-09-2005, 01:11 AM
Hi guys,
Have anyone of u constructed the mechanical part of the toy car, like the gear system. I am building a line following robot. I didnt get any readymade gearboxes or geared motor. I have the gears but dont get any idea of how to connect it. Are there any part which is ready made so that i can get and fix it, like gear boxes. Are there any standard part in tape recorders which can be readily used as gear boxes. If yes then can i get the part number. Actually i am trying to increase the torque of the motor so that it will drag the car.
"Are there anyother way this can be done. " Am really fed up with it. A little help would be useful.

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02-09-2005, 04:28 PM
hai cheenu
really gearmtrs r the best ans to u r vechl. i don't advice to make u r own gear box.as the meshing of gears is very dffclt. so if u don't have gear mtrs tyhen sol frm my side is to buy low cost toys which runs with battrs. and it'll contain a small mtr and a gear box with two shafts.u can use taht by making it two parts. as its having 1/3 reduction. generally taht toy looks like a miltry tanker.
i made some maual robots with combination of that grbx and the mtrs in tapes.that was working fine with me. i hpe this helps.