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11-12-2009, 07:02 AM
Hi Folks!

I'm looking for students who are willing to work and intern under me, in the field of Embedded DSP and Image processing, preferably living in Colchester, Chelmsford or Ipswitch (UK).

This is a golden opportunity for you to learn and gain experience in some practical aspects of these fields related to robotics in a big way, as well as boost your resumé to be more attractive to potential employers in the future.

The candidates for this position would be required to work 7-10 hour a week, and would be be compensated reasonably for their time.

To apply please E-Mail me a shortened resumé (Not exceeding more then 2 pages, and only relevant information) along with a 150 word personal statement to - drai@boeing.co.uk .


Debu :)