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01-05-2010, 07:57 PM

This line follower is a very basic implementation of a behavior based line follower which is an experimental platform to understand how behavior based programming can compensate for noisy sensor data

Do let me know how the performance (speed and robustness) can be improved

We use 5 sensors to sense the line - we would like to use 3 eventually


01-19-2010, 07:18 AM
Nice LFR!! However...

1. Too slow. 5 sensors are usually installed for higher speed.
2. Use the inner Sensors to reduce speed or 'stop'
3. Use the outer Sensors to reverse the motors. That will prevent 'runaway'.
4. Use a loop first instead of a crossover. This will help you get the sensors right.
5. Dont know if you have a uC for the control....a little details about the LFR will be nice.
6. Use Visible light LED for ease of alignment / adjustment.
7. A PWM driven motor control will be a great solution, if it is controlled by the inner sensors.

02-04-2010, 11:58 PM
gr8 work can u help me to make the same