View Full Version : MCU Program to steer robot

01-11-2010, 12:17 AM
Hello Experts!
My robot project involves using a single oypad motion stick ( as seen in PlayStation joypads) to steer the robot, over a (wireless) RF band.
The up and down pot.s must control acceleration where as the left and right pot.s will control the direction, to give a smooth steering. I am using skid (tank like) steering,and Sanguino MCU board, 4 channel RF controller, DC motors.

The problem arises as the potentiometers (pots) transmit analog signals and I am not sure how to use it at the receiver end.
The robot is supposed to turn by differentially varying the speed of left and right sides of wheels.ie if robot is to turn to left then the wheels on the right side will move faster than the left ones.
So pls help me design a program for it.