View Full Version : Robotics at Quark 2010: BITS-Pilani Goa's innovation festival

01-20-2010, 06:36 AM
BITS-Pilani, Goa is having its innovation fest from 4-6 Feb 2010. The following are robotics events we're having this year:

King of the ring
Ever watched Robowars on television? Loved those weapons and all that agility? This event combines that with the world famous Sumo bot event. Create a manually controlled robot with weapons. Chainsaw? Flamethrowers (with deo maybe)? Hammers? You name it! But you cannot damage the other person’s wires. Just get it out of the arena somehow.

Mission Salvation
Here’s the thing: make a micromouse. That is, create an autonomous robot that can traverse a maze and reach its center in as little time as possible. Oh, and when you do reach the center, you’ll save the only surviving humans… thus protecting the entire human race from extinction!

3 ball pool
Create a pool playing bot. Not in the literal sense. But, a bot that places colored blocks in the correct pocket using an overhead camera. And you get a lot of bonus points if you can “pot the balls” in the sequence we give you on the spot! Enjoy!

Prizes worth Rs. 60,000!!

Contact Person: Utkarsh Sinha
Contact Emails: sinha.utkarsh1990@gmail.com
Contact Phone: +91 9923108754

Visit http://bits-quark.org/robotiq for more information