View Full Version : Make PCBs At Home without Ferric Chloride

01-28-2010, 12:45 PM
Hi guys ,

Many people do PCB work for the projects , but getting FeCl3 is an issue .. it is not environmentally safe and
gets damaged easily ..

How about a clean way to make PCB , the chemical can be used again and again ..

you will need Hydrogen peroxide (many pharmacies keep this) just 50/- or so
and a HARPIC(toilet cleaner) .. also approx 50/- (you will need a small amount )

Tutorial here :

For drilling there is a hand drill available ... in also 50Rs
Just you need copper clad board ... Also you can make a battery drill here is how :

1) Buy a plastic toy pistol (with battery ),
2) fit a small motor at the barrel,use duct tape to bind
3) give the connection of the motor to the trigger.
4) on the shaft attach a carbide bit (u will get in hardware store in 10Rs ) use a refill and favi-kwick adhesive
like this http://blog.makezine.com/pcbmotord.jpg
5)Pistol toy is used to make the drill easy to hold (make sure it is made of strong plastic and max 4inch length)

Solder mask also can be done with favicryl glass paint(i need to try this and tell)