View Full Version : Is there any IIT Staffs working with Robotics & AI ?

02-01-2010, 12:19 PM

I'm currently working on the project wall-e(the character from the Walt Disney's Pixar production film, Wall-e(2008)), for my final year B.E., Completion project. i would like to continue my further studies in robotics, so that i need to know about the details regarding the same.

After searching in the websites, most of the profiles and pages are out-dated and not opening mostly. Kindly help me in finding the saffs with the interest in AI, Robotics, Humanoids, Actroids & etc.,

Thanks in advance....

02-17-2010, 04:04 PM
dude.. iit is not everything.. i bet i can find a dozen who are much better than guys at iit.. contact rao vikas docel they are very senior members...