View Full Version : a problem while burning m.c.u at89s52 (8051)

02-03-2010, 11:47 PM
i have the programmer wid me for the same..i made a general purpose pcb which consists of
1. 1 at89s52 ic base and the m.c.u itself
2. 6,7,8 are connected to programmer
3. 9th pin (reset pin) connected to programmer directly without using capacitors and resistors arrangement
4. 40-vcc 20-gnd 31-vcc
5. oscillator-12mhz ,22pf capacitors connected to xtal1 and xtal2

i used a led at pin21(p2.0) connected via resistor(470ohm) and grounded..
i used a program to blink led on and off...but inspite of blinking the glow is very low.. i found taht the voltage at that p2.0 is 1.64 volt...i thought it may be due to resistance...but when i put it on my line follower robot after NOT gate ic i found that the output of that NOT gate ic which was previously (when m.c.u was not connected) giving me 5v now changed to 0.64v only which means logic 0 ...what shall i do to get rid of this situation....all components used have been tested..plz reply immediately..this is my first project

02-04-2010, 12:55 PM
Wow, with all your questions on 89s52, I realized, I have never worked with 8051s. I think I better brush up with 8051s a little.