View Full Version : Robotics @ Vision 2010 (March 10-12)

03-02-2010, 11:27 PM
Event : Vision 2010 , College of Engineering,Guindy
Place : Chennai
Date : March 10-12

Vision 2010 is the annual technical festival of the Department of ECE, Anna University, Chennai.Vision is traditionally known for its challenging problem statements and once again this year, we have come up with a mind-squeezer :)

1.)"The Prince of Persia" is an autonomous line-follower based event which will require you to come up with good algorithms.And for a change - rather than being a monotonous event with just the participant's bot, there are going to be a couple of coordinator controlled autonomous bots posing hurdles along the way !

2.)"Operation Shadowfax" is a manual robot event which will test your bot's endurance and your maneuvering skills.

Check out www.vision10.org for further details !