View Full Version : ROBAI's 24 DOF Dexterous Humanoid Torso

05-20-2010, 08:45 AM
The Dexterous Torso, designed by Energid in collaboration with Cinvestav, is a humanoid torso with two hands, a waist, and independently directed camera eyes. With two three-fingered hands, it can lift 400 grams in cooperative actions.

With two additional degrees of freedom at the waist, the torso has the property of redundancy and bifurcation which enables placement of either hand at a desired position and orientation within its workspace in an unlimited number of ways. Combined with Energid's Actin-SE, it can exploit both redundancy and bifurcation while optimizing other criteria.

Mechanical Structure: 24 DOF including two four-DOF grippers, two five-DOF arms, a four-DOF head, and a two-DOF waist. All arm axes can be controlled simultaneously.



Axes Range

Shoulder base 300 degrees
Shoulder Pitch 180 degrees
Shoulder Yaw 300 degrees
Elbow Pitch 100 degrees
Wrist Roll 180 degrees
Wrist Yaw 180 degrees
Wrist Pitch 180 degrees

Other Specifications:

Rated Payload: 400 g
Rated hand speed: 0.4 m/s
Joint speed: 75 rpm
Reach 120 cm
Repeatability: 0.1 cm
Interface: USB

The torso comes with Energid's Actin-SE visualization, reasoning, and control software allowing it to perform advanced control by exploiting its many degrees of freedom. With available networking software, it can be controlled remotely through a local area network or over the Internet.


For more information visit: www.robai.com