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11-30-2010, 08:23 AM
There are many highly talented people here and i believe by synergizing we can come out with a product.So i thought ill post some idea which i have in mind which can be developed as a Ri project as hinted by asimov.

1. Affordable Universal Programmer

A Programmer capable of programming AVR , PIC , 8051 ( ATMEL / NXP ), ARM 7 :). Not much work is required but basically some form of system integration
USB ASP already does AVR and 8051 if implemented on PIC 2550 it will be full speed USB With AVR + 8051 + PIC , We then just need to pick microchip libraries to do CDC COM on PIC 2550 and use a multiplexer to route things on proper lines ... CD4052 :) .

2. Affordable Riduino

Though i did Riduino which is now Arduino UNO , its not affordable in Indian Context anymore. Maybe build a P89V51RD2 Based expandable robotic Platform. With some Arduino like libraries ported and a better IDE ... netbeans anyone.

P89V51RD2 for < Rs 100 it gives quite the bang for the buck. 64 KB flash with 1 KB RAM. Just club microchip USB to Serial and make it programmable with USB. A Core shield for ADC , FLASH etc. And other shields.

3. Wireless devlopment platform core module

I recently saw mbed and was thinking why not a wifi development platform, Maybe microchip wifi module clubbed with a decent micro , which can all go int a prototype kit like mbed. Almost every geek has wifi now , all places i work have them too. mbed does LAN but LAN is so like 2000.

4. Online Robotics Course

Why not , save kids some money and give them material if they wish to conduct their own. And have a expandable kit to go along with it.

Anyhow just throwing ideas :)

Do throw some if you have any ...

12-03-2010, 09:40 PM
I have worked with P89V51RD2 for almost 30 months...........I also believe that it can prove a fantastic project board.The only problem is the bootloader can get corrupt if not handeled properly.I remember once i removed power supply in between the burning of led chaser code by mistake and the boot loader never worked after that.Some of the available boards are:





Other new products might have come in market.

12-05-2010, 01:02 PM

this is pratheesh from www.roboinventions.com I think you have visited our site and you might have seen that our ideologies match and we are into robotics and embedded full time we also would like to contribute what little knowledge we have and improve the robotics and embedded scenario in India. If you are interested please do mail me on my official mail we can plan out sumthing.

12-06-2010, 11:47 PM
@prateesh , Nice to see like minded people in delhi ... lets meet sometime ... what do you say ? PM me ur number will give call.